MaMa Love was born out of the desire to nurture, honor, and remind women of their innate wisdom through the procreative process. Our customized yogic and therapeutic platform instills confidence within your experience from preconception and pregnancy, through postpartum and beyond.


Our classes offer a supported path through yoga, therapeutic movement, mindfulness,  meditation, community and education. We are here for you, as you are there for your blossoming family.

  • Aligned physical movement

    designed to promote stability and mobility in the body's changing structural, muscular and hormonal elements. The guided movement we teach is anchored in yoga and biomechanics. Prenatal classes focus on preventative movement (common pregnancy ailments) and preparing mind + body for the marathon of labor and birth. Postnatal classes focus on rehabilitative movement to heal and set you up for a strong and healthy motherhood - or next pregnancy!

  • Mindfulness & breath

    are an integral focus in each class as elements to promote calm and balance in the mind, body, nervous system - and baby!


    Mindfulness and conscious breathing anchor us into the present moment and help us to be more responsive and less reactive in our everyday life . Science has proven it literally changes the grey matter in the brain! 

  • Education

    is interwoven into each prenatal + postnatal class to promote confidence, inner-strength and remembrance of what we're designed to be able to do! Knowledge uncovers our power of choice, and we believe proper education prepares women and partners to make empowered, conscious and grounded decisions through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenthood.

  • Community

    is an essential facet in our classes to support the changing mental, emotional, physical and energetic states that arise. There is space in each class to check in, share, ask questions and receive support. This is often where many new mama-friendships begin! Bring your curiosity, leave with a full heart.


— Jessica

"I looked forward to each class as it truly provided the space for me to physically, spiritually, and emotionally move through my pregnancy. The teachers exemplify expertise and compassion for all mamas in all stages of their journey. When it came time to give birth I was able to call upon my time in the studio to help me stay present and connected to the experience. Not only did it serve me well during and after pregnancy, I have also met many new and soon-to-be mamas. I am so grateful for the Mama Love community."

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