Class Descriptions


Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is an unmatched modality to support and maintain mama and baby's physical, mental and emotional vitality and wellbeing through pregnancy. A calming environment provides space to move, breathe and connect to your innate wisdom and growing baby. Each class also provides a safe container to share and receive support from your MaMa Love community. You'll find you never leave class without learning something new, gathering needed resources, and feeling a sense of relating to others on the pregnancy path.

All trimesters welcome

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BYO'Wobbler Yoga

BYOWobbler Yoga is a safe space for mothers to practice with a little one in tow. All the things you love about BYOBaby Yoga while embracing the progressive needs of mamas and mobile babies.​ While mama poses are the focus of our practice, there is space for your little one to join through asana, songs & breath work. And yes, we even have savasana! Crawling, slithering, rolling, bum shuffling and wobbling welcome. Because if baby is on the move, mama needs some deeper breaths. 


For mamas & mobilized little ones 

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Strengthening Postnatal Pilates Flow

This class is a quicker paced Pilates class for students who want to focus more on strength and stamina. The class focuses on Pilates principals of applying correct alignment while increasing load and speed.  This Pilates flow class will wake you up and get you ready your day, and if you have small children you can even use them to add weight to your workout! Suggested props for taking this class at home are a Theraband, an inflatable ball, a yoga block, and socks. However you don’t need any of these props to take this class.


This class is designed for postnatal students who feel their abdominals and pelvic floor are recovered enough to participate in more strenuous exercise.  If you struggle with diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and are unable to do focused abdominal work, or if you have pelvic floor disfunction, please attend the Postnatal Therapeutic Pilates class first so that we can assess whether this class is right for you. 


Postnatal Women's Flow Yoga

Postnatal Women's Flow is for all moms in between postpartum and whatever else comes next (another pregnancy, or your last baby growing up and you discovering your next creative path in life...) We hold this space to continuously invite you back to your mat; to move in ways that promote healthy stability, mobility as well as mind/body/spirit flow to optimize your body's health for life. 

Catered to mamas after postnatal healing


BYO'Toddler Yoga

BYOToddler Yoga is a supportive, fun-loving and active class that will involve immersing yourself and your child into yoga, singing + a little dancing!  We take the practice seriously, but ourselves less so… this is a great chance to drop the adult agenda and see the world through your child’s eyes. Our playful class will end with a focus on the breath + a quiet rest time. 



For mamas & movers (through 4 years old)


Postnatal Therapeutic Pilates

This postnatal Pilates mat class is designed help postpartum mothers reconnect with their changed bodies, recover from birth injuries, balance the body, and to strengthen the entire body. This class involves gentle and safe movement, and all exercises can be adjusted to meet the needs of each individual. The focus is on rehabilitating and “waking up” areas of the body, such as pelvic floor and abdominals, as well as to strengthen the entire body. This class is suitable for all postpartum bodies who have been cleared for movement by their care provider, and no previous Pilates experience is needed.  Students will leave this therapeutic class feeling more embodied, more nourished and more energized.

 *Non-mobile babies welcome 


BYO'Baby Yoga

BYOBaby Yoga is a safe haven for all things new motherhood. Practicing yoga as a new mama nourishes the body, mobilizes stiff muscles, and brings calm to the tumultuous waves of emotion that come with the birth of a child. While mama poses are the focus of our practice, there is space for your little one to join in asana, breathwork, and meditation. This class welcomes it all - breastfeeding, bottle feeding, diaper changes, laughter, and tears... from mamas and babies!

For mamas & babies (newborn - pre-crawling)

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MaMa Love Village

Support group for the Mama Love community and beyond. Whatever stage of the motherhood journey you're in, join us in this casual space to connect with other mamas and mamas-to-be. We'll have seasonal activities and occasional guest speakers from the Boulder  pregnancy, birth, and postpartum community join us to share their knowledge and answer questions...but mainly this space will be open discussion...a place for you to share your triumphs and tribulations, connect with a village, and just be. ​


Prenatal, postnatal mamas & little ones welcome

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Childbirth Classes

Conscious Preparation for Birth: a four part childbirth education series taught by Erin Spors.


  • Mindfulness & Hypnosis (how birth works in the mind)

  • Anatomy of birth (how birth works in the body)

  • Labor Positions and Breath

  • Postpartum


Available together, or as stand alone workshops...designed to empower you and your birth partner with knowledge, options, support, and connection. 


We also offer private and semi-private yoga instruction (with any of our teachers) for the benefit of both new and seasoned students. For the brand new student, private instruction allows one to be carefully and personally introduced to the fundamentals of practice, and have a focused, hands on approach. For the more experienced student, private instruction allows one to refine and evolve the intricacies and subtleties of the practice for pre and post pregnancy. 


Private instruction is a great format to work in together through injuries and conditions out of your ordinary. 


Semi-private instruction provides an opportunity for small groups to have an intimate, customized practice. A fun way to connect with friends and family members, or to celebrate a special occasion!

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